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U.S. to Lure IS Terrorists out of Raqqa and Eliminate them

On Friday, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) spokeswoman called upon ISIS militants in Raqqa to surrender till the end of May.

“No harm would come to the group’s fighters in Raqqa who turned themselves in by the end of the month. The safety of ISIS militants’ families is also guaranteed,” Ahmed stated.

According to Inside Syria Media Center’s anonymous source in the SDF command, the U.S.-led coalition is already maintaining corridors to evacuate terrorists towards Palmyra and other towns controlled by the Syrian government.

However, Washington is said to not just capture Raqqa but to lure as much terrorists and their families out of the city to eliminate them with mass airstrikes.

The U.S. will possibly target the unarmed militants to accuse the Syrian government of the attack. If the White House’s plan is implemented, we may soon witness the western media blaming Bashar al-Assad for ‘atrocities’ and ‘killing civilians’ with U.S. ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley wrathily shaking the footages of the militant children’s bodies.

Accusing the Syrian AF and the Syrian president personally, Washington will get a motive to invade Syria and initiate a full-scale ground operation against the legitimate government. This is confirmed by the recent proofs of U.S. and Great Britain building up their forces at the Syrian-Jordan and Syrian-Iraqi borders.

Unfortunately, Washington doesn’t seem to be caring for the fact that the conflict will gain momentum as captured Raqqa will become a success the White House can boast with in months. Recently, OIR commander U.S. general Stephen J. Townsend has said he is planning to end the liberation of the city as soon as possible, and if his words come true at last, this will be a present for Donald Trump whose rating is still at the bottom.

Obviously, the ‘liberation’ of Raqqa by pro-American forces shall become a breath of fresh air for the U.S. administration whose ‘achievements’ include for now only airstrikes on civilians.

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