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U.S. Air Strikes Lead to 20 Civilians Killed in Raqqa

As a result of the air strikes conducted by the U.S.-led Coalition’s Air Force, at least 20 civilians were killed, and 7 people wounded in the Syrian province of Raqqa. The incident occurred on Saturday evening at 8 km south of Raqqa, between the settlements of al-Ratla and al-Qasr.

The Coalition’s Command hasn’t commented on the incident yet, however, it is not difficult to guess that it traditionally will justify such actions by fighting ISIS.

It should be mentioned that such actions of the U.S.-led Coalition were strongly condemned by Syrian Foreign Ministry. In this regards, the Ministry has sent an official letter to the UN Secretary General and the UN Security Council, calling for the cessation of the US-led Coalition air strikes in Syria as it causes numerous deaths among civilians, and violates international law.

According to the Syrian government, the bombing of residential areas and civilians causes a threat of a humanitarian catastrophe in the country, and in the Middle East region. Proceeding from this, the diplomats demanded from the UN Security Council to stop all possible attacks of the Coalition against civilians.

In addition, Syrian Foreign Ministry draws special attention to the UN leadership that the actions of the Coalition’s Air Force lead to anarchy and destruction, used by the extremist forces.

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