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Turkey to Form New Militant Army on Syrian Border

Today, the Turkish channel TRT published a report of its own journalist Alican Ayanlar, who visited northern Syria where a new Ankara-backed army is being created. According to the article, the formation will be called the “National Army” and unite the fractured units of the Free Syrian Army.

The journalist writes that the army will act on the territories gained by the Turkey-backed militants during the Euphrates Shield operation and will allegedly aim at “protecting Northern Syria from the government army and Kurdish YPG”.

Ankara seems to have acknowledged the failure of the FSA project and keeps attempting to unite the militants of the so-called “moderate” opposition. The “National Army” will likely become yet another ineffective formation set up for Ankara’s needs.

After Turkey lost the support of the U.S. in Syria, uniting the militants formations loyal to Ankara looks the best option for it to oppose the advancing Syrian and Kurdish forces.

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