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More than 1,200 ISIS Terrorists Eliminated in Eastern Aleppo

According to Inside Syria Media Center sources, more than 1,200 ISIS terrorists were eliminated and hundreds were wounded during the large-scale offensive of the Syrian Army in the eastern outskirts of Aleppo. In addition dozens of villages were totally liberated.
Yesterday the government forces engaged in fierce clashes with terrorists and pushed them out of the villages of al-Eisalan, al-Qar, Maskana wheat silos, al-Aajouziyeh, al-Mahmoudiyeh, al-Feisaliyeh and al-Tayebeh.
It is reported that the Syrian Army has totally liberated 22 villages and farms and the killing of over 1,200 ISIS terrorists, adding that hundreds more have also been wounded in the clashes in Eastern Aleppo. At the same time 10 high-ranking field commanders, including Abu Hazifi Libya’yee, the commander of terrorists in Eastern Aleppo were killed in recent operation.
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