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Syria Calls on US-led Coalition to Stop Conducting Air Strikes on Pro-government Forces

On June 7, Syrian Foreign Ministry called on the US-led international coalition to stop conducting air strikes on the positions of the Syrian Army and pro-government forces.

In addition, a letter that was sent by Syrian Foreign Ministry to the UN Security Council and UN General Secretary reported that conducting air strikes against the government forces, the coalition spreads terrorism and violates the international law.

We remind that Syrian Foreign Ministry’s statement was caused by the previous attack of the coalition Air Force. In particular, the last incident occurred on the eve, on June 6. As a result of the air strike on the position of pro-government forces in Syria, two soldiers of the Syrian army were killed, 15 soldiers were seriously wounded.

The attack was explained by the command of the coalition by the fact that the pro-government had created a threat to the coalition’s training camp in At-Tanf.

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