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Refugees return to Western Al-Qalamoun

More than one hundred Syrian families returned from Lebanese refugee camps (near the northeastern Lebanese border town of Arsal) to the cities of Al-Talfita and Asal al-Ward located in Western Al-Qalamoun.
Deputy Arsal municipal Chief Rima Karnaby explained that safe passage has been provided to the refugees, whose security was provided by the Lebanese army. The Army Command said in a statement that its forces offered safe passage to the convoys of families after it received several requests from them to return to Syria. They were transported via 30 civilian vehicles to the Lebanese-Syrian border. From there, they headed to their town of Asal al-Ward.
According to Inside Syria Media Center courses, the return of refugees was made possible for negotiations between Hezbollah and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham factions. As a result, an agreement was signed and now jihadists must move to northern Syria.
The events in Western Al-Qalamoun were a direct outcome of Syrian Arab army’s successful actions in the region. Government forces and Lebanon’s Hezbollah had on May 6 seized control of all Western al-Qalamoun regions, linking it to al-Zabadani to the western Damascus countryside.
It is noticed that the officials expect the return of a large number of refugees in the near future.The security and the growth of the number of civilians returning to their homes would depend on how quickly the Syrian army manages to take control over this part of the border.

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