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Syrian Government Forces Reached the Iraqi Border

According to the General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces, the liberation of vast territories in Badiyat ash-Sham (Syrian Desert) from ISIS, as well as the arrival of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies at the Syrian-Iraqi border will become a strategic turning point in the fight against terrorism. The success proves the effectiveness of SAA in countering the global terrorist threat to international peace and security.
Inside Syria Media Center received a copy of the General Command’s statement where is noticed that the army units in cooperation with the Allied forces completed on Friday evening the first stage of the military operations in the Syrian Badiyat, reaching the border with Iraq to the northeast of Al-Tanf (one of 3 official border crossings between Syria and Iraq).
Success was achieved after taking control of vast territories and strategically important points and positions inside the Badiyat totally over 20 square kilometers since operations first started south and east of Palmyra. Over one hundred ISIS terrorists have been liquidated since the operation began in the south and in the east of Tadmor (Palmyra).
Coordinated actions resulted in a major turn in the general situation on the fight against terrorism. And well-planned operations provide the launching pad for further progress and for expanding military operations against ISIS both in the Syrian Desert areas and in the Syrian-Iraqi border zone.
The press release also claims that the ring is shrinking around the remnants of terrorist groups and their supply lines are interrupted in many directions. These achievements will allow the Syrian army to defeat terrorism in Syria so that it does not spread through the countries of the world, repeating the tragedy.
In addition, the General Command reaffirm our position that attacks of the US-led international coalition on the positions of the Syrian army and its allies are unacceptable as such actions hamper progress in fighting terrorism.

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