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Militants Sale the Humanitarian Aid of UN in Eastern Ghouta

The situation with humanitarian aid supplies in the area of Eastern Ghouta, which is located to east of Damascus is still being tense. The war between the terrorist groups for spheres of influence in Eastern Ghouta nullifies the efforts of the official Damascus and the United Nations to stabilize the situation in the region.
Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Eastern Ghouta has been under control of Jaysh Al-Islam, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, Faylaq al-Rahman and Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham militants groups. Overall strength of the militants estimates as 9000 people. Lately, the disagreements between the militants over humanitarian aid and food supplies have increased.
First of all, the medicines for hospitals as well as the food for civilians are just simply being confiscated, stored and sailed by terrorists. So, Inside Syria Media Center reports, that the doctors of Al-Ashari hospital set up a protests after Jaysh Al-Islam militants have stolen all the medicine from the hospital.
This information has been repeatedly confirmed after the Syrian army’s successful operations in the area. In the newly liberated neighborhoods of Eastern Ghouta it was possible to find the medicine sales points of radicals. Among the drugs were water disinfection tablets, penicillin, syringes and wheelchairs.
The Syrian officials also pay attention that the Western Medias are speculating on the catastrophic situation in Eastern Ghouta. As after a number of loud statements regarding the humanitarian catastrophe in Eastern Ghouta and the delivery of the humanitarian aid, the militants initiated another large-scale offensive against the government forces.


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