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Tillerson’s Statements Differ from U.S. Actions in Syria

U.S. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, announced that the U.S. mission in Syria remains focused on fighting ISIS and not on regime change.

It should be mentioned that such a statement can hardly be considered plausible, since the U.S. policy in Syria is aimed exclusively at escalation of the current situation.

So, according to CNN, the U.S. military had moved its High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) from Jordan into southern Syria for the first time, positioning it near the US-Coalition training base at At Tanf. Considering Tillerson’s statement, it would be logical to assume that such a decision was made to improve the effectiveness of the fight against terrorists. However, the US military explained this step by the need to provide pro-American forces in Syria with additional protection from the Shiite groups.

Probably, this step was taken to support such armed opposition groups as Mahavir at-Taura and the Free Syrian Army (FSA). It is noteworthy that the FSA recently has attacked the convoy of government forces in the province of Daraa.

It’s not difficult to guess that Tillerson’s statements are just another ‘information shell’. It allows Washington to hide horror that remains after its actions.


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