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US Actions in Syria led to a Great Number of Casualties: UN

According to BBC News, a group of UN experts, investigating the military crimes stated, that the U.S.-led International Coalition strikes on Raqqa led to a great number of casualties among civilians.
In general, for the past week the International Organization recorded more than 300 casualties as a result of coalition’s actions.
Currently the U.S. jets are supporting the Kurds offensive on Raqqa. The offensive was initiated a week ago and 160, 000 people have already left their homes. The accurate number of civilians in Raqqa is unknown. However International Rescue Organization estimates the number of civilians in Raqqa as 200,000 people. Probably, the number of terrorists in the city can reach 3,000.
So, Washington has shown its unwillingness to resolve the Syrian crisis by political means, choosing indiscriminate attacks, which always lead to a great number of victims and a destruction of key urban infrastructure.
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