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Cham Wings Took a First Flight from Damascus

Today Cham Wings Airlines took a first flight from Damascus International Airport to Erbil Airport, located in north Iraq.
The commercial manager of the company Nizar Suleiman stated that the Airlines continue to broaden its directions abroad in service to the Syrians particularly in light of the unilateral embargo imposed on the Syrian people.
He added that flights to Erbil are meant to boost the trade relations and facilitate the movement of the passengers and goods.
The Company runs direct flights from Damascus to Beirut, Kuwait, Muscat, Dubai, Doha, Baghdad, Najaf, Khartoum, Qamishli and Lattakia after having recently run flights to Riyadh city.
Cham Wings Airlines was established in 2007 to be the second national flying company after Syrian Airlines Company for fulfilling the demands of the Syrian passengers.

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