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Astana Talks. Agenda of the Upcoming Meeting.

Kazakhstan’s First Deputy Foreign Minister Mukhtar Tleuberdi stated that the guarantor states (Iran, Russia and Turkey) will take part in the upcoming international meeting on Syria in Astana.
According to him, the invitations to the representatives of the Syrian government and the opposition have already been sent. He added that the arrival of observers from Jordan, the United States and the United Nations is also expected. The meeting is scheduled for July 4-5.
It is known that the talk’s participants will consider documents regarding the implementation of the de-escalation zones. The issues of unhindered access to humanitarian zones within the frameworks of de-escalation zone memorandum as well as reduction of tension inside the zones will be also touched.
Let us remind you that four rounds of Syrian talks with the participation of the Syrian government delegation and the opposition have already held in the capital of Kazakhstan. The creation of ceasefire mechanism and the memorandum signing has become the key outcome of the meetings.


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