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Israel Once Again Struck Syria

According to Inside Syria Media Center sources, the Israeli armed forces once again struck the Syrian army positions, referring to the alleged shells exploded in the vicinity of the Golan Heights.
In its turn, the General Command of the Syrian Armed Forces said, that the Israeli enemy attacked on Saturday a Syrian military position in Quneitra province in a desperate attempt to support terrorist groups. At the same time, the governmental troops successfully repulsed Jabhat Al-Nusra attack in the area of Al-Baath. It is reported, that at the time of the strike, the Syrian army was repulsing the militant’s attack. In its turn Israeli, attacked the place of fire. It is notable, that as a result of Israeli attack two tanks and a heavy machine gun of radicals were destroyed. It should be mentioned, that the terrorists have already tried to provoke clashes between Syria and Israel in this region.
Let us remind you, that the border between Syria and Israel is 80 kilometers long. There are still no bilateral relations between the countries.

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