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Armed Opposition Getting Ready New Provocation with Chemical Weapons in Syria

According to Inside Syria Media Center sources, the terrorists are going to use the threats of Washington against Damascus in order to stage another one provocation with the use of chemical weapons in Syria.
It is reported, that the militants have been planning this provocation for the past few weeks in Daraa province. Most likely, several munitions stuffed with poisonous substances will be blown up. The provocation will be staged in a similar way to the falls flag attack in Khan Sheikhoun.
Western journalists will be involved in covering this attack, and the opposition will broadcast provocation through opposition resources and social networks. Allegedly, the opposition plans to provoke the U.S.-led international coalition invasion and the subsequent overthrowing of Bashar Assad and his government.
It should be mentioned that the recent statements by White House that if the Syrian authorities use chemical weapons, the drastic measures will be taken, helped terrorists in preparing the provocation.

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