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Bloody ‘Inkhil’ Was Elected a New Emir of the ISIS in Daraa

According to Qasioun News, the name of the new ISIS emir in the province of Daraa was announced. Despite the absence of the direct evidence of death (of Al-Baghdadi and several other high-ranking IS militants) it is reported that jihadists operated in the province of Daraa have already sworn allegiance to him. A new leader was the 40-year-old terrorist, Wael Fa’our al-Eid, known as Abu Taim Inhkil.
Previously, he served as ISIS commander in al-Yarmouk Basin. In addition, Abu Taim Inhkil is known for his bloody actions as a deputy for special operations and assassination in Jaysh al-Jihad (Jihad army), group in the area. Especially he is well-known in the city of Inkhil. It was as a result of the bloody actions in this city that Abu Taim received the nickname ‘Inkil’.
According to unconfirmed reports, the Emir of the ISIS in the province of Daraa was killed as a result of an air strike.

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