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Syria Is Alive and Ready for Business Cooperation: South Africa Ambassador

According to the Syria Times, Ambassador of South Africa in Damascus Shaun Byneveldt has stated that Syria is alive and open for business cooperation and the world community should contribute much to building better Syria.
He made the remarks during a reception ceremony held by the Embassy of South Africa in Damascus marking South Africa’s National Day.
Byneveldt considered the Syrian-South African relations as very distinguished and affirmed the importance of enhancing these ties for the good of the two countries, urging participation in Syria Reconstruction Fair due in September and the Damascus International Fair scheduled to be held in August.
The ceremony was attended by Minister of Communications and Technology Ali al-Dhfeir, Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Mohammad Samer al-Khalil in addition to a number of People’s Assembly members, ambassadors and representatives of Palestinian factions, besides several party, academic, economic, cultural and social figures.

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