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Syrian Army Attacks Terrorists in Aleppo

The Syrian army units backed by allied forces continued joined military operation on terrorist’s positions in Aleppo province, pushing them towards to Hama.
The government forces initiated attack on militants along the road that connects the settlemet of al-Rasafeh to the town of Ithriya in northeastern Hama and liberated the villages of Khirbet Qasr al-Matyah and Jabal Aqroub Zaro. So, the army units further deployed 15km away from their comrades in Ithriya.
On Thursday the Syrian army conducted military operations against the last remaining ISIS stronghold in Aleppo province that is represented by a belt of fortified villages buried in a mountainous semi-desert landscape to the Northeast of the strategic town of Khanasser.
The troops also continued operation in the Northeastern parts of Khanasser, recapturing the towns of Rasm Askar, Al Atshaneh and Sharimeh.
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