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Austria Plans to Recognize ISIS’ Genocide Against Christians in Syria and Iraq, Who Would be the Next?

According to Christian Post, Austria seems to become the first country in the world that not only formally recognize the genocide being committed against Christians in Iraq and Syria, but also work out and submit a seven-point plan aimed at helping victims.

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) reported on Tuesday that the Austrian National Council formally recognized earlier in June the “heinous atrocities” being committed by the Islamic State terror group against Christians and other religious minorities, and committed itself to carrying out at least three steps of a seven-point plan to help those who are displaced.

The legal group launched its seven-point plan last year, the details of which are available on the ACLJ website, and has urged U.N. member states to join the fight against genocide.

The plan in question calls for the establishment of in-region “safe zones” for genocide victims fleeing radical terror, along with expanding military efforts as part of the international coalition to defeat IS.

“It is imperative that we continue to pressure the U.N. and the international community in order to provide the relief these victims so desperately need,” the ACLJ urged, calling on people to join the cause as the legal group expands its “largest global legal advocacy campaign in defense of Christians facing jihadist genocide.”

In its letters to the U.N., the group has highlighted the urgency of cooperation when it comes to fighting IS.

“In Syria, the Islamic State has beheaded and stoned men, women, and children for blasphemy, heresy, and apostasy. One Christian Syrian woman described ‘Christians being killed and tortured, and … children being beheaded in front of their parents,'” the law group has said.

It added that Assyrian Christians have faced mass kidnappings; children and adults have been tortured for refusing to deny their faith in Christ; and other Christian children have been raped and burned to death by the radicals.

An investigative report by Christian groups Open Doors and Served and Middle East Concern has warned that at least 50 percent, but possibly as much as 80 percent, of Christians in Syria and Iraq have fled the region since 2011.

“Factors for leaving included the violence of conflict, including the almost complete destruction of some historically Christian towns in the Nineveh plains of northern Iraq, the emigration of others and loss of community, the rate of inflation and loss of employment opportunities, and the lack of educational opportunities,” the alarming report stated.

“While direct violence, such as the movements of ISIS in both Iraq and Syria, was the tipping point for displacement, the ultimate decision to leave the countries was portrayed as an accumulation of factors over time.”

The genocide of Christians in Syria and Iraq has long been recognized at the world level. Not only Austria, but also other countries of the world, especially Christian states, should recognize the consequences of impunity of ISIS.

To be recalled is that as a presidential candidate, Donald Trump stated more than once that the U.S. had left Christians who had been strongly persecuted and even subjected to genocide. He also noticed that the U.S. had done nothing to help them and should always be ashamed of this.

He is right that the country should be ashamed for the lack of the real action. This problem fell upon to Trump’s administration from the past leaders of the country, and now it is the very time to resolve it. Following the example of Austria Trump must correct the situation faced by Christian communities due to inaction by the United States.

Article was written with the cooperation of Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post Reporter.

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