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The Escalation of Tension Did Not Affect the Outcome of the Talks in Astana

The First Deputy Foreign Minister of the Syrian Arab Republic Faisal Mekdad said on July 4, that the United States had carried out a missile strike at the Shayrat airbase guided by one more White Helmets’ fake made specifically to compromise the Syrian authorities.
Deputy Minister stressed the government of Syria has a report photo and video materials of which confirm the guilt of the militants. Mekdad also noted that Washington should carefully study the possible actions of the official Damascus and its allies in response to any new aggression.
Against the backdrop of the fighting terrorists in Raqqa and Mosul, the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) offensive and the overall situation in Syria have been developing positively for Damascus. The parallel process of peaceful settlement in Astana and Geneva is also bearing fruit. Such tendencies in the military-political and the military-diplomatic spheres cause a very serious negative reaction among the enemies of the Syrian people. Therefore, the U.S. is trying to take the initiative away from the Government of Syria by the brute force and the military intervention.
The provocations that have been taking place since 2011 throughout almost the entire period of the military operations in Syria, unfortunately lead to a negative reaction and unreasonable aggressive actions on the part of the United States very often.
It is especially outrageous from the U.S. to declare a possible preparation for a new chemical attack by the SAA and subsequent White House’s response against the background of the use of white phosphorous munitions by the U.S.-led International Coalition in Raqqa which is prohibited by the international law. It is also worth noting the recent terrible airstrikes of the still the same coalition in the village of Kishik Zyyanat in the southern countryside of Hasaka province on July 4, which resulted in death of nine civilians.
At the same time, the militants of various terrorist groups helped the U.S. to increase tensions by carrying out terrorist attacks in Damascus. Such actions can only be described as an attempt to disrupt the peace process. It looks like ‘someone’ stubbornly does not want to sit at the negotiating table and to return to a peaceful life. It is obviously in the interest of terrorists, some representatives of the so-called moderate opposition and the United States to continue to torment Syria with the war in the hope that the official Damascus will surrender.
On the contrary, the Syrian Arab Army on Monday announced a ceasefire in the southern provinces of the country until July 6. In order to support the peace process, military operations in Daraa, Kuynetra and Suwayda were stopped. Such actions prove the fact that, Damascus seeks peace and negotiations no matter what, unlike the U.S. and rebels. In so doing, these acts of terrorism and information warfare generated in tandem are unlikely to frighten the will of the Syrian people for peace. It is because of these efforts that the talks in Astana were held quite successfully, no matter what.
Kazakh Foreign Minister Kairat Abdrakhmanov noticed that the participants had taken yet another important step towards peace and stability on the Syrian land. The guarantor countries, in turn, expressed their satisfaction with the process of determining the boundaries of the de-escalation areas and decided the joint working group would finalize all the operational and technical conditions of all the de-escalation areas. Thus the process of the political settlement continues.
Apparently, in order not to increase the already serious flows of disinformation aimed at disrupting the process of the peaceful settlement the reliability and validity of information received from all the sources including notorious international organizations and Governments must be carefully weighed and analyzed by the U.S. The White House should work out more peaceful strategy of their behavior in the Middle East and Syria in particular if they really want to highlight their commitment to peace as they usually declare.

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