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Turkey to Invade Syria Again

This week, news about Turkey’s plans to invade Syria have often appeared in the regional and international media. On July 3, the Turkish newspaper Sabah wrote that Ankara worked out an operation to oust the Kurdish YPG units from Afrin province.

Quite an interesting fact – along with 20,000 Turkish troops, Ankara-backed militants would also take part in the operation. Besides, in May, some Turkish media highlighted the fact that Turkey was creating an armed formation based on the groups of the Free Syrian Army, which nearly broke up. The first task of the new ‘army’ seems to become the Afrin offensive. It’s no wonder then that some journalists have named the future campaign ‘Euphrates Shield. Part 2.’

The first operation ended in a failure as Turkey was unable to achieve almost all of its goals, Inside Syria Media Center wrote.

Moreover, like the last time, Ankara is set to ‘fight terrorism’ but it’s obviously not the best moment to do that. The YPG units have gained control over the territories in northern Syria and keep fighting ISIS, though with the support of the U.S.-led coalition. Can it be a good idea to attack the Kurds and make them fight on two fronts? How would the international community react if because of Turkey’s ambitions the Islamic State will have a chance to strengthen?

Besides that, the Turkish authorities once again are not going to take into consideration Syria’s sovereignty and doesn’t intend to ask for Damascus permission to carry out military activities. That means Turkey will invade the territory of a sovereign state.

Ankara does not consider the achievements of the Astana talks or the de-escalation zones. Politicians do not care about victims among the elderly, women and children, the destruction of villages and towns and thousands of civilians who will have to flee their homes because of military actions.

Persuading its goal to eliminate the Kurds, Ankara is ready to jeopardize the fight against ISIS and to once again ignite the conflict in northern Syria.

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