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SAA SF Destroys Militants in the Suburbs of Damascus (photos)

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) began on Thursday a powerful offensive in the eastern suburbs of Damascus. The main goal is to seize the positions of the Faylaq al-Rahman’ terrorists (The al-Rahman Legion) inside the districts of Jobar and Ein Tarma.
According to Inside Syria Media Center’ military correspondents, the first phase of the operation has now been completed. With the participation of the heavy artillery fighters of the elite SAA 105th Brigade conducted an assault on the Faylaq al-Rahman’ militants in the triangle of Ein Tarma, Al-Taybah and c. The enemy forces suffered heavy losses in man power and materiel in the battle.

It is noticed that serious disagreements in the camp of militants contribute to the successful advance of the government forces.

Yesterday, Jaysh al-Islam terrorist group attacked the positions of its competitors from Faylaq al-Rahman near the village of Beit Saba.


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