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Syrian Government Intends to Restore Water Supply in the Province of Aleppo (photos)

The Committee for the Stabilization provided diesel generators to several cities in northern Syria to ensure a constant supply of water in the absence of electricity in some Aleppo’s areas. It is noted that generators will appear in the settlements of Hazwan, Ghandoura, Kaibah and Tathimus.
The problem of quality and sustainability of water resources is one of the most urgent in the province of Aleppo. Providing the population with clean water is of great importance as it prevents the emergence of various epidemiological diseases. It is also closely connected with the solution of the main task that is improving the living conditions of people, creating healthy working and recreational conditions.

The authorities began to carry out whole complex of works on restoring the infrastructure immediately after these territories had been cleaned-up of the militants. Despite the vital need for access to water for the locals, the terrorists took out all the generators for resale and damaged the water supply lines in retreating.

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