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Chinese Investments Will Help to Restore Syria

According to Inside Syria Media Center sources, the Syrian Embassy in China and the Chinese company Shenzhen signed an agreement on supporting organizations that are ready to invest in the post-war reconstruction of Syria in Beijing on July 4. The agreement emphasizes that the active participation of Chinese companies is necessary to restore Syria, which is destroyed because of the 6-year war.
It is suggested, in particular, that the Syrian Embassy in China together with the China-Syria Interchange Association and the Beijing law firm Shenzhen will set up a joint working commission on legal issues and on investments in the restoration of Syria. The postwar reconstruction of Syria will soon become the main topic and it is now worth starting to think about this issue.
To be recalled is that earlier in February such an agreement was proposed to the European Union. It was planned that the European Union would allocate tens of billions of dollars for the post-war reconstruction of Syria. However, the West was not enthusiastic about this idea despite their destructive activity in Syria.

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