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The First Postwar Performance Was Held in Aleppo

An interesting performance and one of the famous tragedies by William Shakespeare, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, was shown for the first time since the end of the hostilities in the House of Actors in the Syrian Aleppo.
According to the department of culture’s director from the Aleppo province, Jaber al-Sadzhur, this premiere should open the first theater season in the city. The plot of the play was quite similar to Shakespeare’s reality of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ but with minor adjustments.
In particular, the plot in the play is about the war in the Syrian city. One of the feuding families supported the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic as the other was categorically against it. However, this time the performance ends with a happy end. The love of the two young hearts performed a miracle and reconciled the families.
This novel was written many years ago, but it is popular nowadays. There are many things people like about the book. To begin with the plot is thrilling and you can find real love here.

The settings in the theater were made in good taste. The acting was excellent. Well-known Aleppo’s actors played the leading roles. When the performance was over, in the stalls there was a storm of applause.
The plot was very much appreciated by the locals. Jaber al-Sadzhur said a lot of performances and cultural events (that is more than during the entire period of military operations) have passed since the beginning of summer cultural events in Aleppo.

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