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Syrian Government Congratulated Iraq on Victory over ISIS in Mosul

According to the Syrian Foreign Ministry statement, Damascus has sent official congratulations both to Iraqi nation and army on victory over ISIS and liberation of Mosul.
The statement emphasizes the importance of cooperation between the armed forces of the two brotherly states, Syria and Iraq in fighting remains of ISIS terrorist group.
The statement said Damascus is going ahead, alongside Baghdad, to eradicate what remains of ISIS because the mobilization of the joint efforts of the two countries is the main factor to guarantee that ISIS or any other form of terrorism will not return to these two countries or any other part of the region.
The fall of ISIS in Mosul is only the beginning of the elimination of terrorists and those who provide them with support.
The Foreign Ministry also said that the blood of the martyrs and the suffering of the wounded will not be wasted and will be great inspiration for everyone in order to defeat what remains of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
Let us remind you, that the liberation of Mosul started in October 2016. On July 9, the Iraqi armed forces completed the defeat of the militants and raised the flags of the country over the historical part of the city

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