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ISIS Confirmed Death of Al-Baghdadi

According to Al-Sumania TV channel report with the reference to a source in Nineveh province, Islamic State has confirmed the death of its leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. According to the date of the channel, the militants released a short statement, where they confirmed the death of the leader.
Al-Baghdadi’s death will come as a damaging blow to ailing ISIS, who are being forced back in de-facto capital Raqqa and have been defeated in Mosul.
The TV channel also said that the terrorists have already appointed the new caliph, but his name is not currently unknown.
Let us remind you, that Al-Baghdadi could be killed in the middle of June as a result of a successful airstrike of Russian aviation in the suburbs of Raqqa. More than 300 terrorists were also killed as well as a number of buildings were destroyed that day.

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