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Syrian Crisis Cost $226 Billion to Economy

According to World Bank estimates, more than 6 years Syrian crisis has cost the country a whopping $226 billion in cumulative Gross Domestic Product (GDP) losses.
Analysts also report that the destruction of socio-economic ties with other states has caused the country more damage than the destruction of urban infrastructure.
The World Bank said 27 percent of Syria’s housing stock and about half the country’s medical and educational facilities had been damaged as a result of the war. It said deficiencies in the medical system – a direct result of damage to the health sector – had also affected the life of people in Syria, adding that the damage was responsible for more deaths among people than the direct fighting in the war.
In addition, prior to the outbreak of hostilities Syria’s GDP was 60.2 billion dollars, but now this figure does not exceed 24 billion.

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