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Kazakhstan Supports the US-RF Agreements on the Ceasefire

According to the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs, the Kazakh Republic welcomes the latest agreements negotiated between the U.S. and the RF on de-escalation areas in the south-west of Syria.
Document states that the implementation of the cease fire agreement, on June 9, with the immediate effect in al-Quneitra, Daraa and al-Suwayda provinces is one more practical step towards comprehensive cessation of hostilities all around Syria.
The Foreign Ministry calls on all the sides advocating for an early settlement of the crisis in Syria, including the Syrian Government and the armed opposition, for the full compliance with the ceasefire agreement. Kazakhstan expresses hope for further development of constructive cooperation between Russia, the U.S. and all the other interested sides aimed at restoring peace and stability in Syria.
Kazakhstan also expressed its willingness to ensure conditions so that to continue the peace negotiations as part of the Astana process on strengthening ceasefire regime in Syria.

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