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FSA-Commander was Killed in Daraa

One of the field commanders of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), Adnan Al-Wadi was eliminated along the Sariyah Road in the southern outskirts of Inkhel village.
Inside Syria Media Center military reporters say, a high-ranking militant was liquidated by Syrian Arab Army’s Special Forces as a result of a carefully planned and prepared ambush.
The remote-controlled explosion destroyed the commander of Regiment 107, Adnan Al-Wadi, and his driver, Ra’ed Najm Al-Wadi in the province of Daraa.
Earlier it was reported that two more commanders and two more militants of the FSA were destroyed by unknown persons in the territory controlled by the Free Syrian Army. Probably it was other terrorists who destroyed them. A power struggle has emerged, where the factions are at war with each another.
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