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Did Al-Baghdadi Come Back From Dead?

The leader of ISIS killed, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, when it was discovered the word was he was to be replaced, probably was not killed, but is hiding in the territory of Syria.
The director of the Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Operations Services of the Iraqi Interior Ministry Abu Ali Al Basri denied the information of the Iraqi television channel Alsumaria News and said that the information about Al-Baghdadi’s death does not correspond to reality. He also noticed that the leader is hiding in the territory of the province of Raqqa.
It should be noticed that the death of Al-Baghdadi was stated more than once, but the information was not confirmed by the official sources.
There is a high probability that the self-proclaimed grand Mufti and prominent leader of its Bahraini branch, Turki al-Binali, was liquidated instead of Al-Baghdadi.

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