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Daraa Governor and UNICEF Representatives Considered Further Development of Province

The Governor of Daraa Mohammad Khaled al-Hannous met with UNICEF delegation and considered the situation of water, sanitation, health and education in the province.
During the meeting, the Governor affirmed the Governorate’s readiness to provide support to the international organizations operating in Syria in a way that contributes to the success of their work, pointing out that the province is suffering in the field of drinking water supply due to repeated attacks on the electricity lines that are necessary to operate the pumps in the western region of the province, where all water projects are located.
Afterwards, the delegation paid visit to the Daraa irrigation project by which water will be supplied from the wells of Khirbet Ghazala, which is being implemented with the support of the UNICEF at a total cost of SYP 1.600 billion and the rehabilitation works at al-Umawiyeh and Maysaloun schools in Daraa city.


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