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Hafez Assad Announced the Horrors of the War in Syria

The eldest son of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Hafez, who came to the International Mathematics Olympiad in the Brazilian capital, Rio-De-Janeiro, said he is witnessing the consternation taking place in the country.
“I live and see all the horror of what is happening in my country. But the population and the Government are trying to unite against the invaders. It is wrong to call this civil war as it is aggressive in fact,” said fifteen-year-old Hafez Assad.
The boy added that he knows who his father really is and no one including Western media that call the Syrian president a dictator will be able to change his opinion. “People many of whom are just blind say a lot of different and controversial things about my father as a president. These things are far from being a reality,” Hafez Assad specified.
The young man also stated that he will not leave Syria and expressed hope for the end of the war in the near future.

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