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The U.S. Took a Serious Step Towards Russia

The Washington Post reports the U.S. President Donald Trump decided to close the CIA program of assisting the ‘moderate’ Syrian opposition that fights with the Syrian Government forces.
This decision Trump took almost a month ago after consulting CIA Director Mike Pompeo and president’s national security adviser, Lt Gen Herbert Raymond McMaster.
According to some reports, Trump’s decision was supported by Jordan which provides the territory for training some of the militant detachments.
To be recalled is that the CIA leadership in February 2017 announced the suspension of the support program for insurgents from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) controlling the territory in north-west of Syria. Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar participated in this program. The Islamists received money and ammunition from these countries. They underwent military training there too.
Apparently, the U.S. is beginning to realize that the assistance of the so-called moderate opposition does not yield tangible benefits for Washington. When investing in radical groups does do not generate revenue, but only undermines the economy of the United States.
Most likely, Donald Trump’s decision on the eve of negotiations with Vladimir Putin was based, first of all, on the country’s economic immediate needs. In fact, this could mean the first step towards normalizing relations with Russia and towards ending the war. The conclusion of new agreements with Russia on other de-escalation areas in Syria may become possible.

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