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Iran and China Considered Syrian Crisis

According to Tasnim News Agency, the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s representative Mohammad Irani, conducted talks with China’s special envoy to Syria Xie Xiaoyan and discussed the latest efforts to resolve the protracted crisis in Syria.

In the meeting held in Tehran on Sunday, Xiaoyan reiterated Beijing’s support for the independence and national sovereignty of Syria and said his country is resolved to combat terrorism and extremism across the world.
He further hailed the growing relations between China, Iran, and Syria and said his country is ready to boost cooperation in the fight against terrorism.
The Iranian diplomat, for his part, pointed to the common stance of Iran and China on the Syrian developments and stressed the need for closer Tehran-Beijing cooperation to help end the crisis in Syria and contribute to the Arab country’s reconstruction.
Syria’s warring sides have so far attended five rounds of peace talks brokered by Iran, Russia, and Turkey in the Kazakh capital of Astana. The fourth round of those talks in May produced a memorandum of understanding on de-escalation zones in Syria, sharply reducing fighting in the country.
The agreement also envisages the creation of conditions for the delivery of medical assistance, restoration of damaged infrastructure, and the return of displaced civilians to their homes.

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