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Emir Malek Al-Talli is Trying to Save His Life

Emir of Takfiri Nusra Front Abu Malek Al-Talli is seeking mediation in a bid to guarantee a safe passage for him and his militants from Arsal outskirts.

Lebanese Al-Akhbar Daily reported that Al-Talli called on several parts to mediate in order to guarantee a safe passage from Arsal outskirts, where Hezbollah fighters have been launching a wide-scale operation since Friday to cleanse the area from Takfiri insurgents.

The daily quoted sources as saying that Al-Talli contacted Arsal-based Sheikh Mutafa Hariri, known as Abu Taqiyya, calling on him to head to the outskirts of Arsal in a bid to talk to him and find a way to get out of the battle.

Earlier on Monday, Hezbollah fighters took control of Wadi Al-Khayl, Nusra’s stronghold in Arsal outskirts, where Al-Talli had been operating along with his militants.

Such a move is the best indication of the fact that the time has come for Al-Talli to abandon their positions in the area.  It seems the the battle is over, and that he is looking for ways to save his life and the lives of his militants.

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