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Syrian Army Makes New Advance in Raqqa

According to Inside Syria Media Center sources, Syrian army backed by aviation managed to push ISIS terrorists back from their positions in the southeastern Raqqa and pushed them towards Deir Ezzor.
The government forces after fierce battles with radicals totally liberated the settlements of Al-Sabiet, Qamen Al-Ala, Arhabi, al-Sharideh, Qabli and Al-Sabkheh. At the same time army units recaptured the major part of Raqqa – Deir Ezzor highway and now are less than 5 kilometers from the largest ISIS stronghold in the border zone – the town of Maadan.
It is also reported that the Syrian army reinforcement arrived in the area of the southern bank of the Euphrates River and attacked the ISIS territories in Shriden and Rajm Haroun. It should be noticed that the defense lines of terrorists are completely destroyed after the successful steps of the Syrian army in the region.
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