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Turkish Army Ready to Invade Syria in Afrin

The Turkish troops were “in standby” to capture YPG-held Afrin region in northern Syria, the Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah has said.

According to the newspaper’s sources, the army has delivered military vehicles to Kilis province in Turkey located across Afrin. Ankara wants to surround the town and make the Kurds abandon it, the source said. To justify its actions, Turkey keeps calling the intervention an “anti-terrorist operation”.

Earlier in July, YPG officials reported that the Turkish army had “positioned its troops, weapons and howitzers” at military bases around Afrin.

However, the Daily Sabah writes that Ankara can’t start yet because it hasn’t reached an agreement with Russia and Iran. The other reason is that Turkey will have to deal with the reaction of the U.S. coalition which backs the YPG units.

Unfortunately, president Erdogan doesn’t consider the opinion of the official Syrian government and wants once again invade an independent country and fuel the conflict.

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