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Rouhani: Resolution of Syrian Crisis is Possible only through political Dialogue

According to SANA, yesterday held the official inauguration of the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani for his second term.
The ceremony took place at the Shura Council in Tehran, and was attended by Syrian Prime Minister Imad Khamis as a representative of President Bashar al-Assad, in addition to 8 presidents and 19 parliament speakers from different countries of the world and 92 high-level international delegations.
Premier Khamis relayed to Rouhani the congratulations of President al-Assad and wishes of making further achievements, bolstering Iran’s role regionally and internationally, and working together to strengthen the strategic relationship between Syria and Iran.
After being sworn in, Rouhani affirmed in a speech that the solution of the crisis in Syria is possible only through the elimination of terrorism and intra-Syrian dialogue, noting that the Syrian people are the ones who will decide their own future and everyone should accept that.
He stressed the only way to eliminate terrorism is through international cooperation, adding that Iran is ready to cooperate with the countries of the world to achieve common interests.


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