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Damascus and Beijing Approve Program to Strengthen Cooperation

The Syrian Investment Agency (SIA) and the Syrian-Chinese Businessmen Council signed on Tuesday a joint work program aimed at promoting the investment opportunities available in Syria.

Director General of the SIA Inas al-Umawi noted an important and effective role of the Syrian-Chinese Business Council in the development of joint investment and the strengthening of cooperation relations, especially with the imminent launch of the Damascus International Fair, calling on Chinese investors to visit Syria and learn about the investment climate and administrative measures and incentives, and seize the opportunity to invest in the country.

In turn, Chairman of the Syrian-Chinese Businessmen Council Mohamed Hamsho pointed out that the purpose of the program is to promote investment development in Syria and highlight the new investment climate and investment laws, adding that the Council will do everything necessary together with its business partners and Chinese companies to support investments in Syria.

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