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Syrian Government Estimated Damage from Coalition Airstrikes

The Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations Bashar Jaafari in a letter to the UN Secretary General and the chairman of the Security Council said that the loss in the oil and gas infrastructure because the air strikes of the U.S.-led international coalition amounted to $2,5 billion.
It is also reported that as the result of the strike on Al-Omar oil field on April 23, 2017, oil storage was destroyed. Furat Oil Company lost $10 million as a result of the actions of the coalition.
The Syrian government estimated that in 2014, the destruction was estimated at approximately $ 543 million, in 2015 – at 1.1 billion, in 2016 –  at more than 125 million, from the beginning of 2017 at more than $ 720 million.
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