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Syrian Authorities Held Second Video conference with Opposition in Damascus

According to Inside Syria Media Center sources, on August 28, the second video conference was held between the Syrian authorities and the representatives of the armed opposition from Eastern Ghouta. During the conference, the sides discussed the issues of ensuring peaceful life and compliance with truce in Syria.
At the same time, the problem of unhindered humanitarian access to civilians in Eastern Ghouta was also touched as well as the resumption of the educational process for Syrian children in the de-escalation zone.
It should be mentioned, that for the past two months various humanitarian organizations had delivered more than 100 tons of food and medicine to Eastern Ghouta. That’s why the armed opposition asked the Damascus authorities to prepare a list of settlements most in need of humanitarian aid.
The next video conference is planned in nearest future. Most likely the restoration of water and electricity supplies in Eastern Ghouta will become the key issues of the next conference.

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