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500 Militants Legalized Status in Eastern Ghouta

According to Inside Syria Media Center sources, within the framework of the Syrian government amnesty, in the area of Eastern Ghouta, where military operations have been conducted over the past few years, hundreds of people legalized their status.
It is reported, that about 500 militants from Sis, Tal Dakwah and Makhoul voluntarily surrendered, laid down weapons and pledged not to carry out acts against the Syrians and the government.
On this occasion a meeting was held, where Elders and the representatives of Syrian authorities stressed the significance of this event, and also noted the key role of the Syrian government in fighting terrorism.
So, the Syrian government is trying to convey to the militants the idea that the struggle against its own people is not acceptable, and the amnesty of the Syrian president would allow to the militants who have laid down their weapons to  return to normal life.
The amnesty decree was signed by Bashar Assad on June 28, 2016 in order to accelerate the resolution of the crisis. The amnesty decree was prolonged several times.


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