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U.S.-backed Militants Selling Weapons to ISIS in Syria

The former security commander of al-Tanf base in Syria revealed that his comrades have been selling arms to ISIS terrorist group.

Mohammad al-Salam, a former security official at al-Tanf base in Syria, as saying that commander of the US-backed Maqawir al-Thorah militant group Muhanned al-Tala has sold the US-made weapons to the ISIS militants.

Noting that the equipment and weapons included SPG, Chas and Tata vehicles and a large number of M16 rifles, he said, “After the arms trade was disclosed, we informed the Americans that al-Tala is selling weapons to the ISIS but they took no action.”

Al-Salam said that the US forces have also attempted to transfer the people in Deir Ezzur to al-Shadadi base in Hasaka to make them fight against the Syrian army once the war on ISIS is over.


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