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Pentagon Denies Death of Civilians in Syria

According to Foreign Policy, the United States Department of Defense prefers to ignore the information regarding hundreds of thousands casualties among civilians as the result of the international coalition airstrikes.
Trying to justify the crimes of the coalition in Syria, Lt. Gen. Stephen J. Townsend, the commander of U.S. and coalition forces in Iraq and Syria has described reports of large-scale civilian death as hyperbole. The General also called these allegations not credible even before the coalition had completed its own investigation.
However, facts speak for themselves. According to the British Airwars non-governmental organization, as a result of the U.S.-led international coalition strikes 1,700 people have been killed since March 2017.
Previously UN expressed the concern due to the numerous victims in Raqqa. UN humanitarian advisor Jan Egeland asked last week for consideration of a humanitarian pause in the city, in order to evacuate civilians.

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