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Syrian Army is Getting Ready for Deir Ezzor Battle

According to the statement of Deir Ezzor province Governor Mohammad Ibrahim, the Syrian army units and the allied forces will approach the besieged city in two days. The governor also noticed that the Syrian troops are only 10 kilometers from the western suburbs of the city.
For the past two days, the Syrian army supported by Russian aviation managed to advance deeper along As-Sukhnah – Deir Ezzor highway for more than 30 kilometers. At the same time, the settlements of Bir Ghabaghib and Ash Shola were totally liberated as well as Al-Kharata oil field.
Let us remind you that Deir Ezzor has been besieged by ISIS since 2014. Currently the population of the city is about 200,000 people. After total liberation of Deir Ezzor, the Syrian army will be able to liberate from militants the southern and northern settlement located along the Euphrates River.

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