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UN commission: Washington Violates International Law in Syria

According to AMN News, the UN Syria Commission released a report saying it is “gravely concerned” about the impact of international airstrikes in the war-torn country, adding that US-led forces failed to take proper precautions to protect civilians during an attack in Aleppo.
“The Commission is gravely concerned about the impact of international coalition airstrikes on civilians,” the report states.
It goes on to cite an incident in Al-Jinah, Aleppo, in which “forces of the United States of America failed to take all feasible precautions to protect civilians and civilian objects when attacking a mosque, in violation of international humanitarian law.”
It also mentions the situation in Raqqa, in which the “ongoing Syrian Democratic Forces and international coalition offensive to repel [Islamic State or IS, formerly ISIS] has displaced over 190,000 persons, and coalition airstrikes have reportedly resulted in significant numbers of civilians killed and injured.” It added that investigations are ongoing.

In Addition, the watchdog group Human Rights Watch (HRW) recently accused a the US-led coalition, which is allegedly fighting ISIS, with using white phosphorus in populated areas in Syria and Iraq.

“The use of artillery-delivered white phosphorus by the U.S.-led coalition… in Syria and Iraq raises serious questions about the protection of civilians,” HRWsaid in report issued on Wednesday.

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