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Syrian Army Liberates Most of M-20 Highway

On August 7, the Syrian army units backed by allied forces continued the liberation of Al-Sukhnah-Deir Ezzor highway (M-20), striking ISIS terrorists positions in the area of Kabawij town.
With the support of the armored units and Elite Tiger Force, the government forces managed to secure the settlement of Kabawij and the surrounding villages after the terrorists retreated towards Al-Shoulah.
After two hours of fierce clashes the Syrian troops approached the western suburbs of Al-Shoulah. It is also reported that at least 45 jihadists were killed as well as 5 pickups equipped with machine-guns were destroyed.
Currently the government forces are engaged in fierce clashes with militants at the western suburbs of Al-Shoulah, they have yet to enter the town, despite outnumbering the terrorists.
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