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Syrian Government Urges UN to Take Firm Measures about Israeli Attacks

The Syrian government urges UN to condemn the Israeli repeated aggression on the country,” Syrian Foreign Ministry said in two letters addressed to UN Secretary General the Chairman of the UN Security Council.

According to Damascus, the air strikes on the positions of the Syrian Army can lead to catastrophic consequences which complement the ISIS crimes and practices to escalate the situation and fuel the region and the world.

Besides, Syrian Foreign Ministry said that such aggression is an example of a violation against Syria’s sovereignty and all existing norms of international law.

It should be mentioned that Israel refuse to comment on the air strikes. However, Haaretz reports that the Israeli Air Force attacked the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center, allegedly related to the production of chemical weapons.

At 02:42 a.m. on September 7, 2017, the Israeli warplanes targeted one of the Syrian military positions near Misyaf in Hama province with several missiles, killing two army personnel and causing material damage.

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