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Humanitarian Convoy Arrived in Fua and Kafraya

According to Fars News, on September 8, a humanitarian convoy with food, medicine and the basic necessities has arrived in the settlements of Fua and Kafraya in Idlib province, which are still under control of militants.
The sources said that six trucks, carrying food and media aids, arrived in the government-controlled towns of Fua and Kafraya after five months within the framework of an agreement over the exit of terrorists from al-Yarmouk Palestinian Refugee camp in the Southern countryside of Damascus city.
In the meantime, six other trucks with humanitarian aid were dispatched to the al-Yarmouk camp that is controlled by the terrorists.
Meanwhile, field reports from Northern Syria said that the terrorists deployed in Ma’arat Mesrin in Idlib violated the evacuation agreement and shelled heavily humanitarian aid centers in Fua and Kafraya and prevented distribution of foods and medicines among civilians.
Local sources confirmed in early August that the terrorists groups violated the truce North-East of Idlib province after attacking the besieged Shiite towns of Kafraya and Fua’a.
The sources said that the terrorist groups used a bomb-laden drone to strike residential neighborhoods and the only water tank in the besieged towns of Fuaand Kafraya, violating the ceasefire.
The militants deliberately attacked these sites to harass the civilians in the besieged areas, disregarding the truce that they agreed to last year.

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