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Syrian Army Establishes Control over Five Towns in Central Syria

The Syrian army units backed by Hezbollah and National Defense Forces (NDF) for the past 24 hours managed to liberate five towns in central Syria from ISIS terrorists.
It is reported that the towns of Lawaybdah, Zaghroutiyah, Drawayshiyah, Umm Sajj and Ghaniman in the eastern part of Homs province came under full governmental control.
This advance of the Syrian troops has become possible due to the successful airstrike of the Russian aviation on ISIS gatherings and fortifications. At least 35 terrorists were killed and arms depot was destroyed as a result of this operation.
After the total liberation of central Syria from terrorist organizations, the army units will be sent to Deir Ezzor province for the further liberation of the settlement, located along Euphrates River.


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